A Heartbreaking Rescue: The Tearful Cry of a Paralyzed Dog Saved from the Riverbank

Broddick’s story was heartbreaking and moving to the bone. Some hounds chased the poor dog, and while running, he fell into a river and got stuck in it.

He had many bruises and swellings on his neck, head, ears and face. His left eye was damaged and was half closed.No words could describe how desperate he looked at that moment.

At six in the morning, a good samaritan was there and took him to the emergency vet. Herniated discs caused a lot of trouble and pain for Brodick so the doctor began to treat spinal block.

Brodick was an intelligent and understanding dog but he was unlucky in life. Surely the days of suffering will be over.

The cuts and bites on his body were almost completely healed and his skin became smooth. He was released from the wing and led with a support belt.He was eating well, but his weight decreased.

The wheelchair was greatly modified and Brodick was then able to breathe fresh air. But the bad thing that happened is that the lining is blooming, and the parallel gland may have rotted.

Brodick’s general condition did not change, he was eating, drinking and defecating mostly formally. There were severe seizures during the night. The reason was necrosis, which was developing at an enormous rate. It can spread to the whole body despite daily treatment with chymotrypsin.

Brodick also had a very large tumor in his spine that had grown into soft tissue, sadly, it is a malignant tumor. Blood tests showed that sepsis had started. Stronger pain relievers only helped him for a few hours.

After several days of deliberation, Vets decided to let Brodick go where he was sure there was no more pain.


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