A homeless dog defeats cancer and finds a loving forever home.

On one of its outreach outings, the Sidewalk team in De Doorns, Netherlands, came upon a dog named Sid.

Sidewalk is a bulk sterilization and canine rescue facility located in De Doorns, South Africa. The group supports animals in need by offering low- or no-cost veterinarian care and sterilization for pets. Additionally, they offer free therapy to canines that have Transmissible Venereal Tumors (TVT).

When the dog had cancer, Sid’s family decided to put her to sleep. Her TVT outcomes were favorable.

The sidewalk is helpful in treating this specific type of cancer. They took Sid in and generously funded her chemotherapy sessions in an effort to cure her.

It seemed as though her biological family no longer desired her, despite Sidewalk’s offer to pay for her medical treatment. You can’t help but feel heartbroken that they could have given up on the sick dog.

Sid underwent twelve chemotherapy sessions in all. She persisted through difficult treatment and triumphed.

It seems like Sid’s cancer treatment was effective.

She has also found a permanent home, which is another tremendous blessing.

It was initially difficult to predict whether anyone would choose to adopt a dog that had previously received cancer treatment. Additionally, taking care of a dog, particularly one who has recently battled a terrible illness like cancer, is a success in and of itself.

But everything worked out for her.

Her pains have been replaced by unadulterated delight as she is held by a loving family. She is now regarded as the young princess of the family.

She may now spend her days with other canines, who quickly become her closest friends. Now that she has beaten cancer, she is able to play whenever she wants.

She deserves every nice thing in the world, after all.

Sid seemed to appreciate receiving lots of attention from her furbaby and her other furry companions. She has a few talents under her belt and is eager to learn more. The best period of Sid’s life is right now!

She has come a long way since Sidewalk first got her, and you can see that. She appears to be happy and in good health right now.

The entire issue is our responsibility, says Sidewalk.

Sidewalk deserves our thanks and admiration for all that they have done to assist these animals. Since dogs deserve only the best, they gave Sid all he deserved and more.

Sid’s family has never stopped loving her and she no longer has cancer. All canines should receive this treatment, it’s only fair. A dog that belonged to a cancer sufferer is now a joyful, healthy pet that can once more give and receive affection.

Wishing Sidewalk and all other animal welfare organizations the best of luck.

Watch Sid’s dazzling new life in the video down below.

Please let your loved ones and friends KNOW about this.

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