“A Race Against Time: Jogger Rescues Dog Trapped Under Rocks as Tide Approaches on the Seashore”

Gwen, the Springer Spaniel, was rescued and reunited with her family all thanks to a keen-eared jogger who heard muffled barks from beneath a large pile of rocks on the breakwater.

The runner, who happened to be at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, went to check it out and found a dog looking up at him from a small crevice between the rocks.

The individual contacted San Francisco Animal Care and Control for assistance.

“The fact that we even received this call is extremely fortunate,” SF Animal Care and Control posted on Instagram. “He heard a muffled bark, turned around, but couldn’t see anyone, whether human or dog. He decided to investigate the rocks, and miraculously saw a dog’s face peering up from under the rocks,” the organization continued.

Officer Ortega was dispatched to the scene to search for the dog, but locating her was challenging. He searched through every crevice, but with the incoming tide, time was running out. Fortunately, with the assistance of a photograph that the Good Samaritan had sent, he was able to locate Gwen. He attempted various methods to free her, but with the tide approaching, Ortega was under pressure. Luckily, he was able to shift the large rocks and remove her. Ortega explained to KTVU News how he rescued Gwen:

After being rescued, the Springer Spaniel gave him a big kiss on his beard.

Her microchip was scanned and found to match her family’s information. “Her owner had already reported her missing to ACC,” Animal Control stated. “Officer Ortega drove Gwen, a one-year-old Springer Spaniel, back to her home in Noe Valley. Gwen was reunited with her family, scared and cold but otherwise unharmed.”

The rescuers came to the conclusion that they were unsure how the Springer Spaniel got into the confined space, but speculated that perhaps she had dislodged a large rock which had fallen on top of her. Regardless of how she got there, they were grateful to have been able to rescue her and return her safely to her family.

Rewritten Source: https://www.dogheirs.com/dog-stuck-under-breakwater-rocks-as-tide-coming-in-rescued/



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