A Regal Look: Guangzhou Zoo Lion’s Striking Hairstyle Commands Attention, Making It the Zoo’s Newest Star Attraction

Huang Huang, a male lion, was spotted with a beautiful haircut at Guangzhou Zoo after extreme humidity turned his golden locks floppy and drooping.

A lion with blonde fringe that bears an eerie resemblance to Jay from the British sitcom The Inbetweeners has become a zoo attraction. Huang Huang, the male lion, was seen with an elaborate haircut after extreme humidity turned his golden locks floppy and drooping.

The unique behavior was established when the lion licked his paws like a cat and then brushed his fur, according to zookeepers. As a result, his hair was strangely straightened, similar to the manner worn by the Inbetweeners actor Jay Cartwright, one of the four friends who attended Rudge Park Comprehensive with Will, Simon, and Neil. Actor James Buckley plays him in the program. On May 29, visitors to the Guangzhou Zoo in China saw his full-fringe haircut and he became an immediate hit.

Temperatures had soared to 32 degrees Celsius, with 89 percent humidity. His fattened fluffy mane gave him the appearance of a seasoned fashionista with ironed-out hair. Some of his visitors assumed the lion’s hair was trimmed in that manner, but zookeepers stated that it was natural. “The hair style was totally natural magic,” claimed a zoo spokesperson. “We wouldn’t dare trim the lion’s hair.” Because of the excessive humidity in Guangzhou, he resembled a blonde supermodel with fringe.” The lion drew visitors to the zoo, according to the keeper, when photos of his fashionable “haircut” circulated.

“He’s the most attractive youngster here now,” they added, “and more people are coming to view him.” This year’s weather in Asia has been extraordinary, according to experts. Guangzhou, China, reported its lowest Temperature of 13.7 degrees Celsius on May 3, which quickly rose to an average of 32 degrees Celsius in under three weeks. Temperatures in neighboring nations changed substantially as a result of strong heatwaves in India and Pakistan.



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