Abandoned and Betrayed: The Heartbreaking Story of a Dog Thrown in the Trash as Owner Chases Love

Unfortunately, not all people are willing to take responsibility for those they have tamed. And sometimes their cruelty toward animals is beyond comprehension! Why even get a pet if caring for it is torturous!

A girl in Pennsylvania had a dog. According to the logic of the story, she didn’t take care of the dog at all. The animal was thin, uncoiffed. The owner fed Fawn (that was the dog’s name) according to her mood.

Soon the girl decided to move in with her boyfriend. The boyfriend did not live nearby, in another state. The young lady emptied her apartment of unnecessary junk and threw it in the trash. As creepy as it sounds, the fact remains. According to the girl, the dog turned out to be junk, too. She had been thrown out with her belongings. The dog couldn’t get out of the trash can. Fawn was left without food or water, dying in agony.

Fortunately, the dog was discovered by a garbage man. His name was Nathan. He was shocked by what he saw. He had seen many things, but he had never found a half-dead dog in a garbage can. Nathan freed the dog and fed him. Nathan had his lunch with him.

Soon the unhappy but rescued dog was at the veterinarian for a checkup. The doctor, named Megan, refused to believe her eyes.

In front of her lay a kind, sweet and sad dog. He was hungry, in spite of his recent meal. The dog was hanging on by his last breath. Megan took care of Fawn every day. Surrounded by warmth and care, Fawn slowly went on the mend. She now lives at Megan’s house. She is completely safe. The dog now knows no hunger or indifference. She got a miracle owner.

As for the dog’s previous owner, the girl had to answer for her cruelty to the pet. The dog was wearing a chip. The police quickly tracked down the owner. She answered to the fullest extent of the law.

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