“Aesthetic Simplicity: 33 Low Maintenance Front Yard Designs for Minimalist Lovers”

A water feature in your front yard will instantly raise the curb appeal to a new level making it relaxing, calming and soothing. It may be a pond, a waterfall or a fountain – it’s up to you and the style of your front yard. A small pond with water lilies is classics, a modern waterfall with large rocks will add a contemporary feel and a small fountain is a great option for homeowners who like the sounds made by a water feature but do not want to care for a pond or large fountain. Most homeowners prefer fountains and waterfalls cause of the sound of falling water.

a beautiful and contemporary front yard fountain adds an attractive touch to the space

a beautiful front yard path lined up with greenery and white blooms all around for a neat and elegant look

a beautiful front yard with stone tiles on the floor, an amphora-shaped fountain surrounded with greenery and blooms

a bright front yard with blooms and greenery plus pebbles and a blue planter fountain is low maintenance and chic

a chic front yard done with greenery, a brick path and a modern black wrought bowl fountain is gorgeous

a cozy front yard with a gravel pathway and potted blooms and greenery that line up the path

Beautiful Picket Fences

A classic white picket fence is a timeless idea suitable for rustic and countryside homes, and to make it more appealing, repeat three or four flowers in sequence, you can achieve a simple yet jaw-dropping display. Hybrid roses tend to be tough and resilient, and with a moderate amount of care, will gain their full potential within a year or two of planting. While you’ll need to monitor your roses for insect infestations and disease, long-blooming varieties will provide you with three seasons of flowers. Rock various colors that you like to keep the fence neutral or to contrast it if you go purple or pink.

a front yard pathway of stone decorated with moss and with white blooms lining up the path

a front yard pathway of tiles lined up with succulents, blooms and large pebbles all around

a front yard water feature with large rocks and herbs all around and a large tree over it

a gravel pathway with brick borders lined up with green lawn and greenery on the other side is a cool idea to welcome people

a large pond decorated with rocks, with blooms and greenery makes this front yard stunning

a lovely white picket fence with lush pink, purple and neon yellow blooms growing along the fence

a modern and bold front yard waterfall clad with natural stone and tiles and with pebbles

Potted Borders

If you are too busy to keep the border looking perfect, opt for pots. While especially useful for bulbs which need special care and often need to be overwintered indoors, you can also buy potted flowers, evergreen shrubs, or creeping groundcovers and simply swap them out for new plants as the seasons change. This is an especially useful idea for neglected side yards which are left bare.

a modern entrance styled with greenery, potted plants and an ultra-modern and edgy fountain of a stone bowl and a metal faucet

a modern entrance with a stained path, a water feature with rocks and greenery plus spotlights is great and chic

a modern fountain of large dark stones nestled in a bed of impatiens by the front door

a natural looking waterfall done with large rocks and with pebbles around will bring a fresh feel to your front yard

a peaceful waterfall out of a stained wall, with pebbles on the bottom and succulents growing around for a bold front yard design

a potted pathway with pebbles makes the space welcoming, beautiful and the pots can be changed

a pretty white picket fence with blue hydrangea and pink impatients for raising curb appeal

a recirculating waterfall in the front yard and a frog statuette to mark the outdoor space

a rock fountain of two parts plus large pebbles around looks very natural and adds appeal to the space

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