Angry Porcupine’s Piercing Assault Claims the Lives of a Lion Family

In the wild, adult porcupines are also the target of lion attacks. With its back covered with sharp spikes, the hedgehog knows how to defend itself.

It erected its spikes, made a loud rubbing sound, gritted its teeth, and crawled across. It also swings its 25-centimeter-long tail full of spikes at its enemies, ready to injure or even kill lions.

Interesting wildlife world moment captured in Amakhala reserve, South Africa. At that time, a large hedgehog was wandering by the river bank and suddenly encountered a herd of lions. Immediately, the predators surrounded the hedgehog and tried to attack.

However, things are not that simple. With experience and a sharp back, the hedgehog is alone, but still able to “fight” and defeat the whole herd, which is much different in number.

The lions are very interested in attacking the hedgehog, they surround and use their legs to probe for prey. However, the thorns make the lion afraid to jump on the hedgehog’s back.

After a period of no results, the hedgehog actively attacked with hedgehogs, it launched hundreds of sharp spikes at the lion and then escaped while the lions were still in pain.



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