Animal Rescuer Devotes His Life to Caring for Lions and Tigers through Cuddles


Ordinarily, we prefer to admire their beauty from a safe distance, fair enough so they can’t harm us.

But Armand and Beatrice Gerber are far from ordinary, and the brave couple spends most of their time up close and personal with these wildcats.

Specifically, they spend every day getting close to ten lions, three tigers, two leopards, and a cheetah at the Iron Throne Predator and Wildlife Park in South Africa.

The wildlife park is a sanctuary for all these rescued captive-born wild cats where they can flourish and feel secure.

Surprisingly, these big cats love cuddles from their caretakers, and therefore Armand spends all day playing and cuddling these wild animals.

Despite being aware of the risk that can be involved with working up close and personal with all these top-of-the-foodchain predators, he loves what he does.

Some of us may call him crazy, but Armand sees it as a blessing and considers himself fortunate for the chance to love these wildcats.

It’s not that easy though, and you do need to keep your concentration while also showing the animals respect.

He sees the big cats as his family, and despite sometimes being scuffed up, it is almost always in good spirits.


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