“Baby Elephant Rescued from Ditch by Local Villagers”

When living outside of wildlife territory, one often overlooks the dangers that animals face, such as predators looking for their next meal or humans seeking to profit from their valuable body parts. Yet, what about road hazards? That is precisely what happened in this story. This adorable elephant was walking with its herd in Assam, India, when it slipped and fell down an embankment beneath a railroad track. Fortunately, the train came to a stop and dozens of passengers jumped out to help pull the elephant to safety.

The baby elephant had been attempting to keep up with the herd when it fell on the deteriorating rail track.

Thankfully, dozens of passengers stopped to help when the elephant became engulfed in sludge. It continued to struggle, but they were eager to assist.

In Assam, India, a forest official arrived to help the elephant out of the ravine.






Passersby also offered the infant elephant food to keep it nourished.

This individual offered a stick to grasp and descended to attempt a different approach.

People perched on the edge of the ravine to ensure the safety of the elephant.

Despite the elephant’s scared reaction to its predicament, the situation was thankfully resolved. The newborn elephant was saved and reunited with its herd.

Although the baby elephant appeared frightened, it was surely relieved to rejoin its herd. It’s heartening to see people helping their fellow creatures without expecting anything in return.



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