Battle of the Beasts: Hyenas Unleash Carnage, Savagely Tearing Apart Lion Family Despite King’s Watch

The clip was recorded by a tourist in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Specifically, an adult lioness is surrounded by dozens of hyenas and then attacks in a rush. Due to being alone, the lion can only helpless to resist.

Surprisingly, when preparing to become a meal for the hyenas, luck smiled at the lion when the members of the herd heard the cry and quickly ran to rescue their fellows. Despite having the advantage in numbers, however, the hyenas still had to flee because they could not match the strength of the lions.

Hyenas are probably one of the most hated animals in the world because they are a cold-blooded and extremely cruel animal. When hunger torments, the hyenas will not hesitate to attack, cannibalism.

In Africa, hyenas often encounter lions, often when hyenas peer into prey the lion has hunted. However, clashes between them rarely lead to loss of life because hyenas often steal prey in groups when lions are vulnerable and rescue individuals in the herd being attacked. Most lions will only attack for the purpose of protecting food.

With greed, recklessness, sharp teeth and a herd lifestyle, hyenas can win and kill lions when they are outnumbered or the lions are lost, old, or injured.

In addition, hyenas, even when alone, also like to quarrel and steal prey from cheetahs, because leopards, with their slimmer and smaller bodies, often run away when an adult hyena approaches.


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