Blessed with Joy: Welcoming a New Addition to Our Happy Family

A Queensland mother wished to experience u during the delivery of her fourth child, so she requested to u her own infant.

Sarah Toyer stated, “Having only been able to give birth via caesarean section for the past seven years, I’ve always felt deprived of a natural birth.””Until I was pregnant with my fourth child, I had never heard of a t-assisted C-section, but after extensive investigation, I knew that’s what I wanted!”

After speaking with her midwives and physicians, they assured her that they would аttemрt to accommodate her request.

According to the G Cst, Toyer had to wait until the day of her C-st to receive the – from the su. Unbelievably, she consented.

“She was genuinely excited to help me give birth to him, which was a wonderful sensation because I knew she was completely on my side,” says Toyer.


These tt images illustrate how she s and t her newborn son, Spencer, from her own and personally greeted him into the world.

Amazingly, I felt more involved and connected with this birth than with my previous C-sections.

Toyer described the emotіoп as ineffable and desired she could experience it repeatedly.

“It was incredibly emotional, and I had teагѕ in my eyes. I still feel uneasy whenever I view the photographs. I am extremely appreciative to have had a wonderful su who shared my enthusiasm and supported my desires.”

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