Car Roof Coziness: Leopards’ Unconventional Retreat for Mating and Leisure


Lila Prisoof, a field guide who is 38 years old, recounted the incredible moment when she witnessed leopards mating on top of a car carrying visitors. According to Lila, she and her husband enjoy visiting Kruger National Park during their free time. On a recent morning, they entered the park through the Malelane Gate and were heading to Skukuza to take a break and have breakfast. While driving, they noticed several cars approaching them, and to their amazement, they saw a male leopard strolling along the road!

As Lila and her husband stopped to observe, they saw the male leopard fixated on the nearby bushes. Initially, they assumed he was hunting, but soon realized he was focused on a female leopard that was hiding in the foliage. What they witnessed next left them completely stunned: the female leopard suddenly leaped onto a vehicle carrying visitors, with the male leopard in pursuit. With typical feline grace, the female performed a charming dance, rubbing her posterior against the male before lying down for him. Witnessing leopards mating on top of a car was a sight that Lila never expected to witness in her lifetime.

It’s worth noting that the entire mating ritual took place on top of the vehicle. Lila gave credit to the occupants of the car for their composure, as they remained silent and collected throughout the event. As a seasoned field guide of 17 years, even Lila didn’t think she could have stayed as calm as they did.

Reflecting on the experience, Lila expressed that it was without a doubt the most incredible moment she had ever witnessed, and one that she would treasure for a long time.

After completing their courtship, the leopards climbed off the car and wandered off into the bushes for a while. Lila and her husband stayed with them for an additional 20 minutes, during which the leopards mated once more before vanishing into the wilderness.



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