Centenarian Turtle Defies Age with Lightning-Fast Speed

According to Paulo Proano, Ecuador’s environment minister, existing transport works have moved Diego by ship from the Galapagos National Park’s breeding program in Santa Cruz to the remote uninhabited island of Espanola. “We have narrowed down an important program in employee management,” said Mr. Proano. “25 turtles including Diego have returned home after decades of breeding in captivity and saving species from the brink of extinction. Espanola is welcoming us with open arms.”

Before returning to Espanola, the 100-year-old Diego turtle and other tortoises had to undergo a period of isolation to avoid bringing seeds from non-island plants. Diego weighs about 80 kg, is nearly 90 cm long and 1.5 m tall if walking straight and neck. Diego’s contribution to the Santa Cruz Island breeding program is truly valuable. Forest officials believe that 40% of the 2,000 individuals swimming to the Galapagos today are its offspring.

About 50 years ago, only 2 males and 12 females of Diego’s species lived in Espanola, and they were too scattered to breed. Diego was brought from the San Diego Zoo in California, USA, to participate in a breeding program that took place in the mid-1960s in an effort to save its species, Chelonoidis hoodensis. The turtle was removed from the Galapagos Island in the first half of the 20th century on a scientific expedition. The Galapagos Island of Ecuador, located in the Pacific Ocean, became famous through the 19th century British naturalist Charles Darwin’s biodiversity studies.

About Tortoise

The tortoise is a species of sea cow in the family Turtles. Turtles are considered one of the longest living species on Earth and are a symbol of slowness, endurance and endurance. They have a hard shell, the upper part of which is called the “mai”. Turtles can live on land and in water, often found in seas, oceans and streams. They are omnivores, eating both plant foods and small animals. Turtles are also considered a protected species and are protected by conservation programs and international law.

Turtle is a marine animal that has a hard shell to protect its body. They belong to the family of Turtles and are creatures with a very long lifespan on Earth. Turtles are short, oval in shape and range in length from a few centimeters to several meters.

There are different species of turtles around the world, such as sea turtles, mountain turtles, red-throated turtles, and aniseed turtles. They have different colors and patterns on their shells, helping them blend in with their surroundings and avoid being hunted.

Turtles are slow creatures and prefer to live in water environments. They are commonly found in oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and streams. Turtles can move far from shore in search of food or to breed.

They are omnivores, eating both plant foods and small animals. Turtles are good hunters and can live long without eating much.

Turtles are also protected species and are threatened by habitat loss and illegal hunting. Currently, many efforts are being made to protect turtles and ensure their survival in the future.



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