Courageous Defense: Mother Bear’s Brave Encounter with Hunting Tigers

Incredible photographs depict the moment a furious mother bear drove away two enormous tigers in order to protect her kids.

A mother and male tiger approached the sloth bear as she was travelling with her two pups on her back.

The bear does not back down, confronting each of the tigers and destroying them.

Aditya ‘Dicky’ Singh, a 52-year-old wildlife tourism worker from Sawai Madhopur, India, caught the incredible encounter in India’s Ranthambhore National Park.

He said, “The victor went away, leaving behind two ashamed cats.”

Battle of the beasts: Incredible photos have captured the moment an angry mother bear chases off two huge tigers to protect her cubs.


For the love of her cubs: The three baby cubs watch from the sidelines as their ferocious mother fights for their lives.

Here me roar: The mother bear roars at the tiger, warning the predator to back off or she’ll have to use her sharp claws.


Playing no games: The tiger attacked, but the bear showed that she was not going to be intimidated by the male predator.

Strongest wins? The tiger initially had the upper hand and appeared to be set to win the fight between them.

Changing game: However, as the tiger struggled to keep the sloth bear down, she soon had the upper hand and was seen charging at the tiger.

The run of shame: With no dinner and and a bruised ego the tiger hightails it out of there.




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