Deadly Hunter: Secretary Bird’s Fatal Kick Severs Jackal’s Head Amidst Agony

Although they are also predators with “face blood” in Africa, when faced with too aggressive opponents like secretaries, they have absolutely no resistance.

In the clip below, we can discover another talent besides catching snakes that is fighting with jackals, an equally notorious predator. In the battle between the eight-pounder and the half-pounder, who is the winner?

At first, it seemed that the dog was the one who took the initiative to attack. It opens its mouth wide and tries to attack the enemy.

However, after a while of observing, Steve realized that the secretary bird was the one who was aggressing, and the poor dog was just trying to defend himself.

The aggressive bird constantly took advantage of its height advantage to surround the dog, leaving it with no way to move. It even threw a person to deal a powerful blow to the dog’s head.

At this point, the jackal took the pain and looked stunned and then ran straight into the back of Steve’s car. The bird didn’t even bother to chase, but just threw a satisfied look at the victory it had just achieved and then walked away.


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