Despite Severe Abuse and Crooked Face, Dog Longs for Love and Acceptance

After being abused and suffering from deformities, . Pepo was repeatedly rejected because of his appearance was not so beautiful, which included a severe underbite that caused her bottom teeth to protrude, a crooked nose, and out-turned feet.

After walking the streets, starving and forlorn in Spain, Pepo was saved by Animal Angels Worldwide. They transported him to the UK to find him a home. But it appears like finding a home for the poor animal wouldn’t be as easy as they imagined. His appearance was not that stunning – which caused him to be rejected countless times.

His bottom teeth poked out, he had a twisted nose and his feet curved out. He ended up residing in foster care for eight months as they advertised on social media, attempting to find someone who would accept Pepo the way he was.

As the shelter began to explain about Pepo’s story, it began to strike people’s hearts notably one woman from Tiverton, England. “I have been seeking for a new family for a long time and I wonder if nobody wants me because of my teeth,” read one message.

When Jo Strachan’s sister tagged her in the photo, Jo fell in love with Pepo’s charming and unusual face. She filled out an application, and after carefully studying it, the shelter concluded that Jo’s home was the right home for him. Jo reports that her dog runs like a ‘newborn lamb or foal’ because to ‘carpal valgus’ in her front legs, which prevents her from coordinating her feet properly.

Jo and her husband, Glen, were seeking for another dog to keep their dog Bob company after he lost his puppy brother a few months ago. X-rays and scans found signs of fractures and shattered bones, leading doctors to assume that Pepo, who is roughly two years old, was badly beaten as a puppy.

But despite Pepo’s past and appearance, he is still just like any other dog and loves to play and run around in his new yard. Jo says he is also very affectionate and appreciative of everything, and even snuggled up to her within hours of adopting him and bringing him home.

“He’s truly just one of those creatures where you wonder, ‘How could he have been so poorly handled and yet crave human connection and trust?’” he told DailyMail.


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