Elephant Sanctuary offeгѕ Disabled Dogs a Second Chance to Run in Rehabilitation

Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park serves as a sanctuary for several rescued elephants that have faced various difficulties in their past. However, it is not just elephants that find refuge in this park. Over 400 rescued dogs have also found a home in the sanctuary, with 32 of them being particularly unique. These dogs have lost the use of their legs due to different reasons such as accidents, sickness, or neglect and abuse.

If it wasn’t for the rescuers from Save Elephant Foundation, these dogs might not have survived. They could have endured neglect and pain on the streets or even faced euthanasia at the veterinarian’s office.

Instead, these animals lead a life filled with affection and attentive care provided by the compassionate volunteers and the sanctuary.

As per the explanation given by a volunteer in the YouTube clip, volunteering for dog walking is a challenging yet rewarding task. The dedicated volunteers make sure that the furry friends get their daily dose of exercise.

Disabled dogs experience a sense of normalcy when they use wheelchairs. They become eager to move around as soon as they are equipped with these devices.

Numerous volunteers also drop by to spend time with the dogs. According to one of the volunteers, the dogs seem to be content and enjoy the company of humans.

Thanks to the commitment of volunteers and the financial aid they receive, these canines are given the chance to experience life to the fullest by running and playing. Check out their charming daily routine in the video provided.

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