Enthralling Snake Hypnosis: India’s Street Artists Leave Audiences Amazed.


Snake charming, also known as snake hypnosis, is a traditional street performance art that has been practiced in India for centuries. It involves the mesmerizing act of controlling and influencing the behavior of venomous snakes, particularly cobras, through a combination of music, movement, and hand gestures.

The snake charmer, commonly referred to as a sapera or been player, begins the performance by capturing a snake, often from the wild or a snake farm. The snake is then kept in a basket or pot, usually covered with a cloth. The charmer positions himself on the street or in a public space, surrounded by a curious audience eager to witness the spectacle.

Using a musical instrument called a pungi, which resembles a flute, the snake charmer plays a unique and rhythmic tune. The sound of the pungi, along with the movements of the charmer, is believed to induce a trance-like state in the snake, captivating its attention and establishing a connection between the charmer and the reptile.

As the music plays, the snake charmer sways and dances, using slow and deliberate movements. These movements are designed to mimic the swaying motions of a snake, thereby establishing a rapport with the captive snake. The charmer’s hand gestures and body language guide the snake’s actions, creating an illusion of control over the reptile’s behavior.

One of the most captivating moments in a snake charming performance is when the cobra rises from the basket, displaying its majestic hood. The snake seems to move in sync with the music, as if it is being charmed by the melody. The audience watches in awe as the snake seemingly follows the commands of the charmer, slithering and swaying in response to the hypnotic tunes.

It is important to note that snake charming, although mesmerizing to watch, is not a form of actual hypnosis. Snakes do not possess the cognitive ability to be hypnotized in the same way as humans. Instead, the snake charmer’s control over the snake is primarily based on the snake’s natural responses to the sensory stimuli of the music and the charmer’s movements.

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness and concern about the welfare of the snakes used in snake charming performances. The practice has faced criticism due to the confinement and stressful conditions in which the snakes are kept. As a result, some regions in India have implemented regulations and bans on snake charming to protect the well-being of these reptiles.

Snake charming remains a significant part of India’s cultural heritage and continues to draw tourists and spectators from around the world. Efforts are being made to preserve the art form while promoting ethical practices and raising awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

In conclusion, snake charming in the streets of India is a mesmerizing performance art that involves the control and influence of venomous snakes through music, movement, and hand gestures. While it has captivated audiences for centuries, there is an ongoing need to balance the preservation of cultural traditions with the ethical treatment of animals involved in these performances.



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