Fearless Protector: Mother Leopard Ascends Towering Tree to Avenge Brutal Loss of Her Young


The Eagle is a large bird of prey in the order Falcon. They live in all places with high mountains, dominating the vast sky. Although the size is more modest than the terrestrial carnivores, the eagle is not inferior in combat prowess.

However, to be able to fight dangerous enemies, the eagle needs to carefully calculate every attack because just one mistake is enough to make it lose its life.

Observing 3 cubs hunting cubs playing with their mother, the eagle was perched on a high cliff and waited for an opportunity to attack.

When it saw the cubs running around everywhere, it decided to swoop down to grab its prey alive.

Thanks to its large body and the ability to fly, the eagle easily caught a small leopard. After that, the lord of the sky put the leopard cub’s carcass on the tree to eat it.

Seeing the baby being kidnapped, the mother is in pain and can’t avenge her cubs, she can only stand still and scream in despair.


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