Giraffe gets rescued after being trapped down a well.

FLIPPING NECK! Giraffe rescued after getting stuck in well

WHAT should have been a walk in the park turned out to be a pain in the neck for this giraffe when he found himself trapped in a waterhole.

The giraffe managed to slip and get stuck

The giraffe somehow managed to slip and get wedged in a well in the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa.

A team of wildlife experts came to the giraffe’s rescue after staff at Balule Nature Reserve realised he couldn’t get out by himself.

Brass Brassett, a guide and project manager at the reserve who captured the bizarre moment, said: “When you get a call asking you to bring your students to assist in getting a giraffe out of a waterhole, the mind boggles.

“The waterhole was badly designed. The smooth concrete offered no traction and the giraffe somehow managed to slip and fall in.

“That he didn’t break a leg or his neck in doing so is a miracle. The waterhole is so deep that even the tallest land mammal could not stet out.”


An average male adult male giraffe weighs around 900kg.

The team of rescuers mustered up enough strength to pull the giraffe out of the waterhole using a Land Rover defender.

“It was a mission, but an operation like this is heart-driven,” Brass Brassett said.


The team feared the ordeal was too much for the exhausted giraffe

The team feared the ordeal was too much for the exhausted giraffe, who lay motionless for several minutes.

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