Love Knows No Bounds: Lions Defy Conventions, Showing Unconditional Affection by Snuggling with Humans.


There stunning images show tame lions interacting with their human best friends.

The typically-ferocious beasts have instead become gentle giants after they were raised by humans at Taigan Lion Park, in Crimea.

Heartwarming images have captured the lions cuddling up to fearless humans as they pose for selfies, go for a swim, and even offer their human friends a kiss.

Russian photographer, Nikita Korzun, 43, visited the park and was surprised to see the humans and lions sitting on top of each other in a field.

The typically-ferocious beasts have instead become gentle giants after they were raised by humans at Taigan Lion Park

The 50 lions who live in the park seem to be at ease with humans, who they readily and happily interact withHis surreal pictures show the 418-pound lions welcoming their human companions as they happily pose for selfies, and kiss each other on the mouth, and one white lioness even reaches out a helping paw to a man swimming in a pond.

Other spectacular images show the beasts affectionately greeting people from their cars and in one incredible image, a keeper bravely puts his arm into a lions mouth to pose for the camera.

Head of the park, Oleg Zubkov, is pictured playing with the wild lions and patting them as if they were domestic cats – offering one a flower and kissing another.

The animals stay inside in winter, but in spring all fifty African lions are being released into a ‘wilderness’ – fifty hectares of Crimean land

More than 50 lions have their home at Taigan, making it the biggest lion park in Europe.

In winter, when temperatures drop below freezing and snow is on the ground in Crimea, lions stay in warm houses.

But in the spring all fifty African lions are being released into a ‘wilderness’ – fifty hectares of Crimean land.

The 80-acre Taigan Safari Park, which is open to the public, is in Crimea’s Belogorsk townThe park is home to 1,500 other animals and birds – including tigers and incredibly rare white lions.

Mr Zubkov, a conservationist, said he hopes that the exposure will discourage people from hunting Siberian tigers and white lions – endangered species with respective global populations of about 500 and 100.

The 80-acre Taigan Safari Park is in Crimea’s Belogorsk town, an area which has reportedly been hit economically since Crimea was annexed by Russia.



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