Man Attempts to Conceal Horrific Animal Abuse by Burying Dog Alive

Someone had left this senior dog to pass away a torturous death all alone behind a pile of mud and stones in a terrible act of animal cruelty. In spite of that heinous effort, which reflected the worst of humanity, human goodness has triumphed.


Pedro Dinis was strolling his dog near his home in the outskirts of Paris, France, when he discovered the horrible discovery that neither he nor anyone else was supposed to witness. A pitiful animal clinging to life– a dog buried alive — gave up the usual route.

Dinis stated on Facebook that he was “in the best position at the right moment to save a life,” adding that “simply her head was visible and it was difficult to see considering the amount of soil covering her.”

Dinis relocated immediately to launch the ailing canine from her burial.

Dinis’ strolling canine even assisted with the rescue.

It was became apparent that whomever had placed the animal there had not done so believing she was dead. Not just was the canine buried up to her neck, however she was likewise tied with a rope to prevent her from running away.

Dinis gradually however steadily freed the canine from the ground, using his water to assist her back from the brink of death.

The canine was taken to an animal hospital and is being treated for dehydration and distress. The dog’s life is no longer in jeopardy, according to reports.

It could have been difficult to find the individual guilty for this heinous deed if the dog had not been carrying one crucial clue. According to Le Parisian, police officers found a tattoo on her body that led them to her owner, who claimed the dog had gone away. Provided the dog’s age and arthritis, officials felt that description was “not extremely possible,” and the owner was charged with animal cruelty.

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