Operation Rescue: Wild Tiger Seeks Urgent Support to Remove a Life-Threatening Neck Noose


A man found a wild tiger behind his house in need of assistance, according to pintiks.


It started in a remote village when a paramedic listened to some noises coming from outside, he believed it was simply the wind but chose to go see anyway.


As he stepped outside, he couldn’t believe his eyes: there was a huge tiger lying outside his door.

He froze with fear as the tiger slowly got up and began to make its way towards him.

It could have been over with one bite, but the tiger did something unexpected: it walked up to the man and bowed its head. This is when the man saw that the tiger actually had a steel noose around its neck, which was causing a wound.

The wound was severely inflamed and festering. The paramedic recognized he had to do something, so he began walking towards his barn.

The animal followed the man as if they were friends. Once inside, the paramedic removed the noose and began cleaning the wound. Despite experiencing pain, the tiger allowed the treatment to proceed without resistance, only refusing the food that was offered to it.

As soon as the swelling subsided and the odor dissipated, the tiger vanished.

Thanks to the compassionate man, the tiger’s life was spared. Days later, the tiger presented the man with a deer carcass as a gesture of gratitude for saving its life!



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