Receiving Warmth and Comfort after Years of Isolation under a Bench

It is in our power to make a difference , it is not enough only to raise our voice and demand justice for abandoned, mistreated animals, who spend their days suffering before the eyes of callous creatures incapable of responding.

It is the true deeds filled of pity and love that produce a significant difference not only in the lives of the most vulnerable animals, but in society.

Sick and obviously afraid, she begged assistance.

One such organisation is DAR Animal Rescue , who are continually out on the streets rescue as many pups as possible.

A volunteer from the shelter was the angel for this puppy.

DAR Animal Rescue arrived to the site after numerous individuals publicized on social networks about the dog’s plight; many commented, but none stepped forward to provide her the care she so urgently needed .

Hundreds of ticks were removed from his body.

The lady covered her in a blanket, grabbed her in her hands, placed her in the vehicle and transported her to the vet.

The physician reported that the puppy’s health condition was fragile , it was afflicted by ticks that had produced an illness in her blood , she also had an infection in her eyes and was extremely underweight.

Malnourished and feeble, unable to stand on her own, her anemia and parasite blood loss made her diagnosis a little worrisome.

His recuperation is delayed but we believe that he will be alright.

His condition of health is still quite sensitive . Veterinarians and carers spent the entire day with her trying all possible for her to recuperate.

It is not known how long it will take for this tiny ball of fur to be entirely healthy, despite the fact that it is in the greatest hands, it continues to struggle for its life .

This defenseless puppy needs a second chance, commend her in your prayers and don’t forget to perform acts that make a difference.

Helping is feasible if we put aside indifference. If you can’t adopt, help rescue agencies and shelters in your town. Together we are stronger. Share!



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