Regrettable Encounter: Baby Impala’s Unfortunate Choice Approaching a Lion

During an early morning game drive near Nyamepi campground, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, Sylvie Failletaz captured a remarkable sighting of an innocent baby impala’s first and final encounter with an apex predator, a male lion.

While observing the two male lions who had eaten an adult impala the night before, Sylvie and her group hoped the lions would move into the shade so they could spot other wildlife. Unexpectedly, a baby impala approached the male lion, seemingly unaware of the danger. Despite hoping the impala would turn around, it continued towards the lion, nearly touching it.

The lion slowly lifted its head, appearing puzzled at the sight of such a small prey. But then, it swiftly sat up, with a funny expression of disbelief, as if food had come to him. In no time, the lion chased and caught the baby impala, leaving no chance of survival.

Although disappointed to miss capturing the chase on camera, Sylvie felt fortunate to witness the entire event with good lighting. She acknowledged the cruelty of nature and the absence of rules in the wild, feeling sorry for the adorable baby impala.



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