Rescuers Discover An Abusive Dog Left In The Trash, He Could Barely Move His Head

Charlie the Pit Bull most certainly would have perished in the garbage dump if it weren’t for the kindness of a Good Samaritan who discovered him.

Nikki Rubino saw Charlie laying in the garbage near a dumpster. He had head wounds, was coated in dirt, and had been bitten by flies.

When she first approached Charlie to untie the cord that was fastening him to a pole, he remained still and did not respond to her. It was a marvel that he could even raise his head at all after all he had been through.

The animal hospital stated, “We understand that this is not an isolated incidence, and it is a sad tragedy when innocent creatures are handled in such a manner,” saying that they are aware that this is not a unique incident. “Charlie is a really well-natured dog who is in good health at the moment.” The veterinarians are “doing all they can” to guarantee that he will recover.

According to the PSPCA, Charlie does in fact have a microchip, which the organization said was inserted by them as part of the front clinic and vaccination clinic services that they provide. It would seem from the injuries that Charlie sustained that he was utilized as a bait dog in dog fights.

On their Facebook page, City of Elderly Love commented, “While not our normal rescue, Charlie’s great finders definitely delivered him to the perfect location.” (While not our typical rescue.) “Because we are the Philadelphia Animal Hospital’s only rescue partner, we will be in charge of his post-recovery care.

The Philadelphia Animal Hospital will take care of and treat him at no cost. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the incredible Humane Law Enforcement team in Philadelphia will be able to bring Charlie’s tormentors to justice.

Charlie is resilient, and the most difficult part of this ordeal is behind him, according to the rescue organization. “There is no fixed schedule on his rehabilitation, and we’ll have to tackle it day by day,” they stated. The procedure to remove more of the dead tissue from his face is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Although he will need a number of surgeries in order to achieve a complete recovery, he is now in a better state of comfort than he has been in a very long time.

His saviors are making sure he receives plenty of sleep and plenty of hugs while he heals from his ordeal.

It is a blessing that there are caring individuals such as Nikki, as well as rescuers and physicians, who are trying to preserve Charlie’s life and ensure that his future is bright.

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