The Great Fall: Contemplating the Possible End of an Era for the Old Lion.

During a failed hunt by the Nkuhuma lion pride, an old Northern Avoca Male Lion was left battered and bruised by a herd of buffaloes that trampled him, causing a dramatic scene.
Buffaloes trample old lion
During a morning safari in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, 24-year-old field guide Deon Kelbrick and guests from Nkorho Bush lodge witnessed a potentially devastating event. While searching for lions, they came across the sub-adults of the Nkuhuma lion pride who were hungry and determined to hunt a large herd of buffaloes. Deon reported this heart-wrenching sight to
The adaptability of lions in hunting large prey is due to their social structure, known as a pride, which is unique to African big cats. This structure is particularly advantageous when it comes to feeding the seven hungry bellies in the group.The Nkuhuma lion pride, having hunted many buffalo over the years, are experts at singling out the weakest link and making the kill. In this instance, they had cornered one of the buffaloes, and it seemed like the end was near.

However, the distressed call of the lone buffalo echoed through the bush, and to its great relief, a herd of stampeding buffaloes responded to the call, disrupting the lions’ hunt.

Regrettably for the lions, the situation took a turn for the worse as the Dark Maned Avoca male lion became trapped amidst hundreds of angry and agitated buffaloes that were stampeding around him.Buffaloes are among the few African animals that can confront and overpower lions. With their massive bodies and formidable horns, they pose a significant risk to the lions. However, despite the danger, lions are willing to take the risk for the sake of securing a few hundred pounds of buffalo meat.

Buffaloes gore Avoca male lion.

“Could this be the end of an era?”

Dark Mane Avoca, one of the male lions from the pride, found himself trapped amidst the stampeding buffaloes, overwhelmed with fear and trembling. Despite scurrying towards some nearby bushes for safety, the enraged herd of buffaloes persisted, relentlessly attacking the lion with their horns and hooves, tossing him around like a rag doll.The ordeal lasted for a grueling 15 minutes, and it was evident that the male lion had come out as the loser in this battle. Fortunately, his desperate calls for help were answered by his pride, who scared off the buffaloes and came to his aid.Feeling a mix of emotions, Deon and his guests returned to camp to process the morning’s shocking events. Later that day, they found the Nkuhuma Pride with Dark Mane Avoca, who was clearly in a dire state, licking his wounds.

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