The Road to Redemption: The Harrowing Journey of a Tortured Dog, Saved in the Nick of Time

After suffering severe, long-term abuse, Claude dog was found wandering bloody and alone in the streets of Chicago’s Side. He was found by a Lyft driver who stopped to see if he was alright. He was limping badly, covered in bite wounds, and the entire back of his body had been shaved. She carefully approached him, and even more carefully touched him.

When he responded calmly, she gently picked him up and carried him to her car. She cancelled the rest of her night and took him home to clean his wounds and apply bandages. The next day she began calling rescues and vet clinics, but it was a holiday weekend and she wasn’t able to reach anyone until that Tuesday.

Despite her offer to foster Claude as he recovered, she could not find a shelter that was willing or able to take him, unless it was to humanely euthanize him. When she broke down sobbing on the phone, one shelter arranged for her to get antibiotics for Claude. But it simply wasn’t enough. His head and face began to swell and his appetite disappeared.

At last, a friend put her in touch with Wright-Way Rescue, and we took him in right away. He was covered in bite wounds and was suffering from severe infection and dehydration. He went into surgery where he received over fifty sutures, including inside his mouth where his gums had been punctured. He is slowly improving, but his condition is not yet stable.

Our veterinary staff is keeping a close eye on him, and he is receiving multiple daily treatments and is being syringe fed since his appetite is still gone. We are doing everything in our power to give Claude the chance at a new life. Claude is doing great! Most importantly, Claude is happy and loving life! Thank you for all the love and support! Today, he is a healthy, happy, strong boy with tons of energy who just wants to play all time.

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