The Unbreakable Promise: A Boy’s Pledge to Stay until Help Arrives for an Injured Stray Dog


Once upon a time, in a remote countryside, there was a young boy who stumbled upon a wild dog who had been severely injured. Despite the fact that most people would have been afraid to approach such a wild animal, the boy saw the pain in the dog’s eyes and knew he had to help.

The boy tried to get closer to the dog, but it growled and bared its teeth, warning him to stay away. However, the boy didn’t give up easily. He slowly approached the dog, talking to it in soft tones, trying to gain its trust. After a while, the dog stopped growling and allowed the boy to come closer.

The boy examined the dog’s wounds and realized that they were deep and infected. He knew he had to bring the dog to the nearest veterinary clinic, which was miles away. Without hesitation, he picked up the dog and started walking towards the clinic.

Despite the dog’s weight, the boy carried him for hours, never once complaining or giving up. He talked to the dog, trying to comfort him, and even sang to him to keep his spirits up. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they arrived at the clinic.

The veterinarians were amazed at the sight of the boy and the dog. They immediately took the dog in and started treating his wounds. The boy waited patiently outside, praying for the dog’s recovery.

Days passed, and the dog slowly but surely started to get better. The boy visited him every day and spent hours playing with him. Finally, the day came when the dog was strong enough to be released back into the wild.

The boy was hesitant to let him go, but he knew it was for the best. He said his goodbyes and watched as the dog ran off into the distance, free and healthy once again.

From that day on, the boy visited the spot where he found the dog every day, hoping to see him again. And one day, he did. The dog ran up to him, wagging his tail excitedly, and the boy knew that their bond would never be broken.

The boy and the dog’s bond grew stronger with each passing day. The boy would often bring food for the dog and play with him for hours. They would run in the fields, swim in the river and explore the nearby woods.

As time passed, the boy grew older and had to move away to the city for his education. He knew he had to leave his friend behind, but he made a promise to come back and visit him as soon as he could.

Years went by, and the boy became a successful veterinarian in the city. He never forgot about his friend, the injured wild dog he had rescued so many years ago.

One day, he decided to go back to the countryside to visit the spot where he had found the dog. When he arrived, he saw an old dog, lying on the ground, looking weak and helpless.

As he got closer, he realized that it was his old friend, the injured wild dog he had rescued so many years ago. The boy immediately took the dog to his clinic, where he treated him for his ailments.

The boy spent days taking care of his old friend, and the dog slowly started to get better. The dog would often wag his tail and lick the boy’s hand, as if to say thank you for coming back.

Finally, the day came when the dog was strong enough to be released back into the wild. The boy said his goodbyes, knowing that he might not see his friend again.

As he watched the dog run off into the distance, he felt a sense of sadness and joy. Sadness that he had to leave his friend behind, but joy that he had been able to help him once again.

From that day on, the boy continued to visit the countryside, hoping to see his friend again. And although he never did, he knew that his bond with the injured wild dog would never be broken.



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