The Vegan King: Baby Lion Sets a New Standard by Choosing a Plant-Based Diet


A baby lion underwent a dietary shift to veganism after being spurned by its siblings during playtime. The lion cub sought attention by nibbling on grass and other vegetation, which eventually led to a change in its diet.

Whittam shared that while scanning the area, he spotted a pride of lions resting under a nearby tree. Despite their lazy demeanor, he watched them intently as they yawned and stretched, unaware of his presence.

Lee Whittam from Essential Africa Guided Safaris captured an adorable moment on camera and shared it with According to him, while he was observing a pride of lions lazily lying under a nearby tree, the youngest cub caught his attention. The tiny lion cub seemed eager to play with its siblings, but unfortunately, they rejected him, possibly due to his smaller size.

Lion cubs are undeniably adorable creatures, born blind and dependent on their mothers for survival. It takes about six weeks for them to start opening their eyes and venturing out into the world around them. However, at this early stage of their lives, they are extremely vulnerable and can easily become prey for other predators in the wild.

“The little cub’s disappointment was evident in his shining eyes. However, he did not give up and began to investigate his surroundings, swaying unsteadily on his small paws. I couldn’t help but laugh as I observed him joyfully leaping on the tufts of grass and sampling the grass blades with curiosity.”

It’s not uncommon for lions to eat grass, even though the exact reason is not fully understood. Some experts speculate that grass helps purge parasites from their stomach, while others suggest it may aid in digestion.

After a playful exploration, the young cub finally settled down next to its mother. Playing with siblings, sticks, and rocks is a crucial part of a lion cub’s development, helping them become effective hunters and defenders of their territories.




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