This Puppy Was Extremely Sad and Terrified After Being Abandoned and Through Many Days of Unhappiness

Isumu was a dog who would never been loved. He had been left near a shelter, on the side of the road, to take care of himself.

He had a wide line of blood around his neck from the chains that used to hold him, and every step he took hurt because of his long nails. His body was full of wounds from rabies, and he smelled like rotting meat.

Isumu had been through a lot of pain, but there was still a spark of life in his eyes, and he could still feel fear, humility, and hope. He asked God to send someone to help him and get him out of his pain.

He was found in the shelter by a volunteer. He brought Isumu to the shelter, where he got medical help and slept in a comfortable bed. Isumu’s wounds are cleaned and washed away. He was given food and water, and for the first time in a long time, he felt cared for and loved.

On day 10, Isumu started to feel better. He started to get better, and his fur started to grow back. He no longer smelled like rotting meat, and his eyes started to light up with happiness and joy.

Day 80: Finally, a nice family who wanted to adopt a dog came to the shelter. When they first saw Isumu, they fell in love with him right away.

They knew he was the right dog for them because even though he looked tough, they could feel how strong and determined he was. Isumu’s new family took him home, where they loved and cared for him a lot.

He did not have to suffer in silence or hope that someone would save him anymore. He finally had a place to live and people who loved him no matter what.


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