Touching love Mother dog tries to push puppy out of cage to slaughterhouse causing fever

Recently, on his Facebook page, a young male musician shared a photo of a mother dog trying to push her puppy out of an iron cage, with the caption:

“Lying in a cage waiting to die while carrying a baby. pregnant. This dog gave birth right in the cage. He tried to push his baby out of the scary cage in vain…”

Immediately after being shared for an hour, this image has garnered 1000 likes and hundreds of shares and comments.

The shot is heartbreaking because of the vulnerability of a puppy just a few days old born in a cramped cage, eyes still open, trying to reach its head out of the iron cage.

Beside the unfortunate mother dog, helplessly watching her puppy attempt to get out of the small cage with no ability to aid the puppy. The image of the mother dog with her head down next to the puppy trying to reach out of the cage makes viewers feel sorrowful.

Just consider, how difficult it is for a mother to watch her red baby and prepare to leave life, what the puppy would be without her mother’s milk. A little being has just began his existence, but why did fate make him born in such a tough position.

The image of a newborn puppy that has not opened its eyes on the “death” automobile makes many people unhappy. Many people who love dogs and reject consuming dog meat have voiced frustration:

“I don’t understand why Asian cultures consume dog meat forever. Let the dogs live in love and safety.”

Many people consider that eating dog meat is something worthy of criticism, “I desire that humans should not consume the meat of close and friendly animals too often, but substitute them with the meat of animals that grow swiftly and are difficult to govern in terms of health.” quantity.

I hope the dog drivers will come to their senses and free these sad creatures.”


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