Touching Moment as Rescuer Comforts Dog Who Cried After Being Dropped in River

Animal rescue centers receive frequent phone calls from concerned citizens reporting animals in distress. Despite their best efforts and preparedness, some cases, such as that of Biggie, an abandoned elderly German Shepherd dog near the Los Angeles River, pose unique challenges.

Image source: hopeforpaws

After being trapped in the Los Angeles River for several weeks, Biggie the elderly German Shepherd was fed by local residents who were unable to rescue him due to the inaccessibility of the area. The concerned residents then reached out to Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization, for assistance.

Image source: hopeforpaws

Upon receiving the call from the local community, a rescue team from Hope For Paws was dispatched to the river, but they were taken aback by the unique challenge and felt a sense of frustration as they were unprepared for the situation.

Image source: hopeforpaws

Luckily, the rescue team was able to gather enough equipment with the assistance of the locals for the river rescue mission. When the rescuers reached Biggie, he broke down in tears as he felt the warmth of their hands on his head, deeply moving everyone present.

Image source: hopeforpaws

The initially timid dog eventually became comfortable with the caring volunteers at the center and showed his gratitude for being rescued through his affectionate behavior.

Image source: hopeforpaws

What emotions are evoked when witnessing the tears in Biggie’s eyes? Have you ever witnessed an animal cry? Share your thoughts in the comments and spread the touching story with those close to you.


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