“Transform Your Outdoor Space: 10 Creative Ideas for a Delightful Small Garden”

Do you think your garden is too small? That’s not a problem… Here’s how to get the best out of it so that it looks great! Play with the levels, choose the right fence, compartmentalize the space and use the right plants. And many other tips to arrange your small garden.

Dare to create different levelsBy raising a few beds, as above, in masonry trays, you will give relief to what was initially flat. Additional advantages: the plants are more accessible, they are better exposed to light and grow faster. And above all, it is an opportunity to bring good soil to the garden.

The DJ idea: Match the colors of the bins to those of the floor, to give a real unity. Here, the cement has been tinted gray, to echo the slate tiles.

Treat the fence as a decorative element

In a small garden, it is in your best interest to hide the fence with plants, to make the limits disappear and give an impression of surface. But when this is impossible, as opposite, it is better to play with it and make it a strong element of the garden. The wall has been painted bright red, which wakes up this somewhat sad patio.



Three landscaping ideas to enjoy a super comfortable little corner of the garden.

Take care of all the details

The addition of these three wooden beams, placed obliquely in the middle of the lawn (image 1), literally transforms the garden. They guide the steps, but also the gaze. The DJ idea: Do not add materials. Two or three kinds are a maximum in a small garden. Here, for example, we find varnished wood and gray painted metal. The rusty pots take on the color of the wood.

Mount the antlers

To free up as much space as possible, cut all the low branches of your trees (picture 2). You should be able to pass freely underneath. This also allows more light on the ground and therefore more planting possibilities. The DJ idea: You can also cut some branches of the antlers, while maintaining the general silhouette, so that the light penetrates better into the garden.

Optimize the space of your small garden

In image 3, a bench has been included in the planting retaining wall. This is as much space gained in the garden. Without embarking on the manufacture of such a sophisticated seat, one can provide “wall tops” wide enough for one to sit on. The DJ idea: Other surfaces, such as storage boxes, can accommodate seats.

Make the space versatile

In this tiny garden, the landscape designer has managed to squeeze in a dining area, a playground for children with a sandbox, as well as a relaxation area. The whole trick is to hide the sandbox under the terrace. Once hidden, the space can accommodate several people. The yellow wall also serves as a booster seat.

Conceal boundaries and divide your garden

Use lighting as a brush.

A color palette

Colors and evergreens for a successful decor


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