Two elephants casually snack on sugarcane from neighboring vehicle during a traffic stop.”

In northern Thailand’s Nakhon Sawan, a group of elephants took a break during their journey and stopped near a busy intersection next to a lorry full of sugar cane. Taking advantage of the open-top trailers, a couple of clever elephants seized the opportunity to grab some of the crops from a nearby driver.

Sunisa Champangern captured the amusing moment on camera as the elephants stuck out their trunks and gorged themselves on the tasty treats. The elephants made the most of the snack before the lights turned green and the journey continued.

A Funny Moment: Elephants Snack on Sugar Cane at a Traffic Light

Two elephants were travelling on a lorry through Nakhon Sawan, northern Thailand, when it stopped at a red light on Saturday.

Sunisa, an onlooker, said: “I’ve occasionally seen elephants being transported before, but it was a coincidence that they stopped next to a truck with food on.”

The two elephants reached out almost in unison as they both seemed to have the same idea.

“They were reaching across to grab a snack from the other lorry. It was carrying sugar cane from a farm,” Sunisa added.

“I think the driver will have a hard time explaining why some of the crops are missing. I thought it was very funny to watch.”

A Funny Moment: Elephants Snack on Sugar Cane at a Traffic Light

The elephants quickly located their preferred meal, using their trunks to help themselves to the sugar cane. Onlookers watched in shock as the five-ton mammals struggled to pull the crops off the truck. They managed to sneak a few more canes on board as the traffic light turned green, keeping them for the road.

Thailand is home to between 3,000 and 4,000 elephants, with about half living in the wild in national parks and the remainder domesticated.


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