“Unlikely Travel Companions: Homeless Man’s Cross-Country Adventure with 11 Rescued Stray Dogs Touches Hearts”

Kindness doesn’t cost a damn thing and this story proves it. One homeless man saves 11 stray dogs while traveling. He devoted his life to his dogs and their journey across the United States. Once the story was shared on social media, it touched many dog lovers.

Even several animal rescuers and kind-hearted people decided to help him and his dogs to arrive at their final destination. They set them up with everything so the group needed to make a fresh start.

The man named Steve has been traveling across the country with just his bike, a cart, and his 11 furry companions when one woman saw them. Steve’s cart had a sign which read “Strays United Ministry. God Loves Stray”.Alicia Edrington couldn’t help herself, so she decided to stop him and ask him about his situation.

Steve became homeless 19 years ago. However, that didn’t stop him from adopting stray dogs and making them part of his family. He is so kind, he even went without food, just so he can feed them, take care of them and give them love. For the last 14 years, Steve took in over 50 homeless dogs.

Steve has been traveling from California to Indiana to visit a friend. He had already cycled 2000 miles before arriving in Memphis, Arizona. Alicia immediately called her mom, Mickey, who is an experienced animal rescuer.

Mickey called other fellow rescuers. They teamed up and raised some money for Steve and his furry family to stay in a hotel for a few days to rest.

When word got out, West Memphis Animal Shelter decided to donate 100 pounds of dog food and even set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the dogs. A vet checked the dogs, some of them even received vet treatments, before they start their next journey.

When Steve and his dogs arrived in Indiana, Steve met with the kind people at SOAR: Street Outreach Animal Response Initiative. They will help him get a job and even find him an affordable place to stay. They will also help his furry friends be vetted, microchipped, spayed and neutered!

Such a wonderful story of people pitching in to help those in need. There are still many kind-hearted people in the world.

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