Unyielding Defense: Wild Buffalo’s Piercing Horn Attack Claims Leopard’s Heart to Save Calves

Among carnivores, perhaps the big cat relative is a predator that is both attractive and powerful.The big cat group consists of 5 members, ranked by size and body weight: tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard and snow leopard.A jaguar’s reckless hunting trip in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka was returned not long ago by tourists. The young jaguar suddenly rushed out and grabbed a young buffalo that had just walked in the middle of the herd.

The jaguar rushes to attack the calf in the middle of the dirt road right in front of the buffalo herd

However, the adult buffaloes gathered to prevent it and did not let it gobble the calf. The two sides struggled for a long time

The large herd of wild buffaloes and the determination to rescue their fellows caused the leopard to fall. It has to climb the tree to escape the herd of wild buffalo.


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