Urgent Plea: Rescuing the Emaciated Dog Covered in Painful Scabs, Abandoned and Crying for Help

Upon arriving at our shelter, Pluto appeared to have been completely given up He didn’t want to get up for anything. He wasn’t eating, and was doing his business right under himself. The vets cleaned him, removing the scabby epidermis from his skin. The first procedure Pluto received took 5 hours Still, he was feeling miserable and his burning skin was being treated a few times each day.

The vets said that his condition was ‘dangerous and contagious.’ Eventually, because of the Mange infection, Pluto had to be isolated, without the possibility of going out for a walk. The pup had been going through living hell for 3 months. After the quarantine, he had to re-learn how to walk. But that was only the half of his remaining troubles. Pluto was afraid of everything and everyone.

His first steps were very tough for him. He was so afraid, even the grass under his feet creeped him out.” Thanks to the endless patience and love provided by our staff, however, Pluto started socializing! He started playing with others dogs more and more, too! Day 150: You won’t believe who is playfully humming with Lota…

This is our recovered and cheerful Pluto! We ourselves still can’t believe such changes in Pluto… We are extremely happy that he not only recovered, but also finally recovered after all the hard life, learned to trust and happy! and is no longer afraid of other puppies, but willingly plays with them! Pluto gaining weight and transform to healthy and happy dog.

He’s taking a outside walk with his new owner in full care and love! Pluto deserve a happy life forever!

The journey of Pluto from hopelessness to happiness is inspiring and heartwarming. It shows that even in the toughest of circumstances, with the right care and attention, animals can recover and live happy lives. Pluto deserves a happy life forever, and we are thrilled to see him thriving and enjoying his newfound happiness. We thank the shelter staff for their endless dedication and love towards Pluto and other rescued animals. Their efforts are truly making a difference in the lives of these innocent creatures.

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