Stunning Garden Stone Pathway Ideas for Your Inspiration

A stone pathway or stone walkway made from concrete pavers or paving stones in your garden can add texture and visual interest, whether it leads one to a destination or is just used for aesthetics. The stones can add a natural element while being very simple to employ. There are a variety of elements, whether you are using large stepping stones, creating a natural stone pathway with smaller stones, a mosaic, or a mix with pea gravel and pebbles or ground сoⱱeг. You may also enjoy the look of granite stone in a stepping stone pathway near your front door.

Select the style that appeals to you and what best suits the environment that you are living in. Make the most of your stone pathway by planting some beautiful flowers, succulents, grasses, or even moss. Play with different sizes of pathways, different shapes of paver stones, or smaller rocks to keep the natural beauty of your garden.

You can also create a retaining wall with a natural look and fill it with steppable plants that tolerate foot traffic. These plants would look fantastic growing around the pathway for visual interest. You could also use mulch for texture and to help provide weed control. Add a water feature to create interest, and instill a calm feeling in your vegetable garden or your flower beds. There are a variety of modern design pathways for your home gardens. Check oᴜt our garden pathway ideas to inspire you and your garden design.

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1. The flagstone is called Oklahoma flagstone or can also be called cameron flagstone. 2-4 inch spacing between the stones. The blue colored rubble for the step is called Rancho Santa Fe rubble. The grass between the steppers is called Dicondra, it can be purchased in flats or as sod. (via DeMaria Landtech, Inc.)

2. A lush Caribbean garden features steps composed of concrete, poured in a form with crumpled brown bags to create the pattern. Zoysia grass surrounds the steps. (via Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture)

3. Cement slabs form a pathway through this Miami tropical garden. The silver grass-like plants are bromeliads, called Alcantarea odorata. Additional plants includes the Blue Iris. (via Craig Reynolds Landscape Architecture)

4. This Mediterranean landscape in Costa Mesa, California has some fabulous curb аррeаɩ. A colorful drought tolerant landscape adds lush beauty. The pathway has dymondia growing between the stones, which is hardy and can be walked upon. Forms a dense silvery-green mat and handle the sun and little water, but needs trimming as it grows quickly. (via David Pedersen)

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5. A contemporary landscape in Indianapolis. The square stones are roccia blue stone tiles at 16″x16″, and are probably around $30/each. ѕһгedded brown hardwood mulch is in between the stepping stones. (via 317Grow)

6. A pathway of 4’x 2′ Bluestone leads from the house to a casual seating area, while also providing access to the garage. The pathway is flanked by beds of Liriope as a substitute for turfgrass. (via Architectural Gardens)



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